• Creatively Speaking

Darlene combines her expertise of writing and interviewing with her background as a professional actress in writing, producing, and hosting her own regionally syndicated cable television program, "Creatively Speaking."

Prolific author Barbara Delinsky is interviewed by Darlene.
Darlene and guest Karen Pryor try not to shoot the dog
(Sienna Gold Starr Sapphire, owned by Nancy Baybutt).

Some of the guests who have appeared on "Creatively Speaking" are:

Elinor Lipman
Priscilla Cogan
Duncan Sings-Alone
Barbara Delinsky
Anne Rivers Siddons
Carol Higgins Clark
Elizabeth Berg
Dr. Nicholas Dodman
Anne Bernays
Justin Kaplan (Pulitzer Prize Winner)
Karen Pryor
Susan Conant
Prof. Jerrold Tannenbaum
Sara Hoagland-Hunter
Darby Conley
Georgianna Nyman
Mark Chapman
Rosemary Herbert
Chris Walkowicz
Paul Broadnax
Misha De Fonseca
Steve Greco
Stephen Bergman (M.D.)
Ray and Lorna Coppinger
Dr. Karen Overall
Cheryl S. Smith

Dan Hart
Jocelyn Edelstein
Doris Weiner
Jonathan Hale
Nancy Poydar
Joanne Olshansky Hammil
Susan Vrotsos
Marcia Yudkin
Linda Ty-Casper
Howard Rouse
Angelo Ucci, M.D., Ph.D.
Edith Green
Diana Altman
Joan Porte
Daring Angels
Lilian Kalan
Lucile Berry Primavera
Lynne Lederman
Betty Lowry
Gracia Dayton
Natalie Warshawer
Timothy B. McCall, M.D.
Daniel Kieler
Dr. Alan Beck
Dr. Carin Smith
Lisa Croft-Elliott

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