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Darlene Arden is an award-winning writer and author whose work covers a wide range of topics from her specialty of pet writing to travel, women’s issues, and celebrity profiles. Arden lectures widely on Toy and Small dogs, Wellness for pets including nutrition, training and behavior. She also facilitates canine musical freestyle dance movement workshops, including music selection. Arden is also an experienced television producer/host, and a lively guest expert on various radio and television programs.

"What the world needs now more than ever is a healthy dose of Darlene Arden. She is a Renaissance woman in the truest sense with a deep appreciation for the finer things---art, literature, theatre, film, music, kittens and of course the world's most interesting people. She's a master of the art of conversation which makes her one of my all time favorite guests!"
Jordan RichWBZ Boston CBS Radio
Jordan Rich - Chart Productions, inc - WBZ Radio -

"Darlene is a fine writer, and a witty lass who caught my personality as only a true professional could." Leslie Nielsen

"Darlene Arden is an author of terrific books that are highly useful, packed with correct information and easy to read. She is an important fixture on the pet scene and at times, quite funny. I'm a fan."

Mordecai Siegal

President Emeritus, Dog Writers Association of America

Author, The Cornell Book of Cats, The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book.

"Our lives are better because we share them with our wonderful companion animals.

Darlene Arden knows this well and it is reflected in her life and in her work, especially in her advocacy for toy dogs and for the health and wellbeing of all dogs."

David Frei
Co-host, The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on USA Network
Co-author, "The Angel By My Side"

It's in the bag! Flo watches the world
go by. Photo by Alan Seymour

"WCFO, INC is fortunate to have Darlene Arden as a judge, trainer and spokesperson. Ms. Arden's expertise in music, dance and choreography as well as her position on positive dog training, sharing and bonding of owners with their pets and concern over the well being and health of pets, goes hand-in-hand with the mission statement and philosophy of WCFO, INC. Recipient of 'WCFO Advocate of the Year 2002,' awarded in appreciation of her understanding of and promotional efforts in behalf of the sport of canine freestyle, Darlene has achieved exceptional status with this organization. She promotes this sport as a way of fostering her own ideals for owners and their pets to share and bond and thus demonstrate the joys and fun of responsible pet ownership."

Patie Ventre
WCFO, INC The World Canine Freestyle Organization


Barnaby and Bruiser - best buddies!

Wake up Barnaby!

OK Bruiser - let's play!
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