Dog Articles By Darlene Arden

Darlene is an internationally recognized authority on toy dogs and their care, as well as on general health and welfare issue regarding all canines.
She is a former member of the Dog Writers' Association of America (DWAA) and has written hundreds of articles and columns for all of the major dog publications, as well as her seminal work on toy dogs, The Irrepressible Toy Dog (Howell Book House, 1998). A frequent guest on radio and television programs on the subject of dogs and animal welfare, Darlene is also a judge for the World Canine Freestyle Organization.
Darlene is surrounded by some of her good
friends, all graduates of MSPCA's Boston shelter.
Photograph © Lisa Croft-Elliott.

. Housetraining Small Dogs
Time and owner dedication is the key!

. Pet-Safe Holiday Parties
How do you keep your pet safe during the festivities?

. Finding the Right Diet
Confused by the aisles of dog food available to you? Darlene helps you
understand your choices.

A Brussels Griffon charmer! Owner:Henry Odum Photo: John Ashby

. Lasers Lead Surgery to the Cutting Edge
Laser surgery is a boon to veterinary medicine.

. Early Spay / Neuter
Want to know if neutering your cat or dog early is safe?

. Ten Tips for Small Dogs
Ten tips any owner of a small dog (under twenty pounds) should know.

. Toys in Agility
Whoever said Toy dogs aren't real dogs has never seen a little one run an agility course!

. Designer Genes?!
Take a dog from two different breeds, breed them together, put a combo-name on the pups and you have a “Designer Dog” litter.

Brady the Rottweiler and Lefty the three-legged kitten, who
are best friends, engage in a staring contest. Photo by: Jan Queijo

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