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The Complete Cat's Meow


ORDER THE COMPLETE CAT'S MEOW!  Do you consider cats valued members of the family? Do you want to ensure you're giving your beloved feline friend the very best possible care? Then this all-in-one, comprehensive cat care guide is for you!

The Complete Cat's Meow has won the 2011 Muse Medallion. Presented by the Cat Writers Association
Judge’s comment: “The author’s wealth of knowledge, thorough research, and engaging writing style come through on every page. But, even more than that, her love of cats makes this book special. If you’re only going to buy one cat guide, this is the one to get. This book will work for the experienced cat servant as well as the newbie.” - Winner: Darlene Arden, The Complete Cat’s Meow, Howell Book House, 2011

The Complete Cat's Meow has won the Best Book About Cat Care,
Readers Choice Award:
Presented by Cats
From a reader's nomination: "This is the most comprehensive book on cat care I've ever read; easy to navigate; full of good infomation; written in easy-to-understand, uncluttered language by a cat expert....eliminates the need for a million books. When you have this one, you don't need a slew of others. Brilliant photos as well."

Order Rover, Get Off Her Leg!
  - Pet etiquette for the dog who pees on your rug,
steals the roast and poops in improper places.

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Darlene Signs Books at The Greenwich Kennel Club.

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 -  A Guide To Caring For Your Little Dog - What they are saying...
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"Small Dogs, Big Hearts", voted 2006 Best Dog Book Of The Year by

Order The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs
A portion of Darlene's proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to the MSPCA's Pet Care Assistance Fund

Read a review of the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventative Care for Dogs.

Order Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're A Dog



The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs

The medical profession has long recognized that implementing a wellness program of preventive health care helps humans lead healthier, longer lives. Now the veterinary community has recognized the same benefits for our dogs. There's no question that our dogs provide us with unconditional love. They serve many roles: companions, service and therapy pets, members of the family. They help lower our blood pressure and keep us on an even keel. There's no doubt that keeping them healthy will help them live longer and happier lives, and the key to successful and cost-effective pet care is to protect pets against infectious diseases and other avoidable maladies before they occur.

Implementing a preventive-medicine plan, much like preventive-medicine and wellness plans for children and adults, is key to avoiding illness, accidents, and malnutrition. The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs is the first book to discuss the importance of having a pet wellness plan and to offer the opportunity for owners everywhere to re-create Angell's preventive-care program in their own homes.

Established in 1915 by the venerable Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Angell Memorial Animal Hospital was one of the first institutions to implement a wellness program for dogs. Considered one of the most notable and prestigious facilities serving the animal kingdom, this Boston-based hospital is dedicated to providing the best possible medical and surgical care to animals and to advancing the practice of veterinary medicine. Its veterinarians specialize in surgery, radiology, cardiology, dentistry, internal medicine, ophthalmology, oncology, nutrition, dermatology, and more.

Drawing from the expertise of Angell Memorial's chief of staff, Dr. Paul Gambardella, and the director of the Wellness Program, Dr. Douglas Brum, this book shows you how to design, implement, and maintain a complete wellness program for your dog in collaboration with your own veterinarian. In jargon-free language, award-winning journalist Darlene Arden explains how you can put the famed hospital's unprecedented techniques to work for your dog.

What others have said about The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs:

Angell Memorial's reputation in the animal world is unchallenged, and who better to tell their story than one of the best dog writers in the business. A perfect combination and a must for the 'important' bookshelf. -Betty White, Actress/Author

In this readable and practical book, award-winning author and pet expert Darlene Arden puts all the benefits of Angell Memorial's pioneering pet wellness program in the hands of pet owners everywhere. -Karen Pryor, behavior biologist and author of Don't Shoot the Dog and Clicker Training for Dogs

Darlene Arden isn't just another pet book author--she knows her stuff. The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs gives you ammunition to ask the right questions no matter where your veterinarian happens to be. This book is like the hospital itself and is more than cutting-edge medicine--it has heart. -Steve Dale, host of "Animal Planet" radio show and a senior columnist for Pet Life magazine


Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're A Dog

Darlene Arden has written another carefully researched and wonderfully informative book. This is a fun book that lists so many helpful and fun things that you can get or do with your dog. Not since the Canine Source Book went out of print has a book like this become available. A much needed addition to the dog lovers library. A great resource for those in the dog profession as a reference for their clients. Thank you Ms. Arden! - Reviewer:Sue Bulanda

Owners who want to pamper their pooches without breaking the bank will find up-to-date cost-cutters on air travel, aroma therapy, art, bedding, books, clothing, clubs, day care, pharmaceuticals, psychology, soaps, spas, training, treats, veterinarians, and much more. Comprehensive and formatted for quick reference, highlights the businesses, including hotels, airlines, grocery stores, and web sites that cater to canines at a reasonable rate.

There are things in Ms. Arden's book that I never would have thought of; cost-cutting tips and just a wonderful 'how to live more easily and more economically' with pets.
Thank you ,Darlene Arden; this is a keeper! - Reviewer: Donna Vartanian


Small Dogs, Big Hearts  -  A Guide To Caring For Your Little Dog

"Small Dogs ,Big Hearts by Ms Arden" is an invaluable treasure of information covering the care of small dogs. Rarely, if ever, will you find this much information in any book which thoroughly and completely explains many of the problems confronting the care of small dogs..It includes every aspect of puppy care from infancy through adulthood.







 It is precise, beautifully written,and is easily understood by both the professional dog exhibitor or the owner of a beloved family pet. Every person who contemplates purchasing a dog or anyone who has a dog should own this book.

It is my opinion it should be sold in every veterinarian's office and bookstore and
available for every dog owner, including a first time puppy owner or the long time pet owner. Following the valuable information in Ms Arden's book will enable you to help train a new puppy and perhaps solve some problems you may have with a current one.., As a long time breeder and owner of small dogs many are the times I wish I had access to the wealth of information contained in "Small Dogs, Big Hearts ". It is a gem and belongs in every dog owners home. "

Victor Joris

Chumulari Shih Tzu reg.1965.
AkC Toy Group Judge

Rover, Get Off Her Leg!
Rover, Get Off Her Leg!

The worst-case scenario handbook for dogs meets Emily Post. Some say that there are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. But everyone will be full of praise for readers of Rover, Get Off Her Leg! This good-humored guide to canine etiquette is just what the vet would order.




Award-winning author and dog-care authority Darlene Arden gets down and dirty, so frustrated owners won't have to anymore. From the embarrassing to the just plain unacceptable, it's all covered here: • Aggression • Biting • Horrifying odors • Humping • Playdates with dog owners you can't stand • Playdates with dog owners who aren't so fond of you or your dog • Watching you in the bedroom— doesn't he know that’s creepy? • And, of course, peeing.

Most important, readers will quickly master the basics that every dog lover should know: • Socialization and discipline • Grooming • House training • Handling medical issues • And how to have the highest-quality quality-time with your dog, at home or on the road


Almost 38% of all dogs in the U.S. are small dogs.

This book follows the Toy dog from neonate to old companion, looking at the importance of training and socialization, housebreaking problems, special nutrition needs and more.

A very thorough chapter on health care examines problems unique to Toys, including unhealthy knees, bad teeth and special anesthesia risks

What others have said about The Irrepressible Toy Dog:

At last, something special for owners of itsy-bitsy dogs. . . Author Arden's ardor for her subject seeps through on every page, giving the informative book the feel of a labor of love. . . . There's long been a hole on the pet shelf at bookstores for a book about these dogs, and it's good to see it plugged so neatly. -Pet Life Magazine

Neezie, the one who started it all!


For anyone who has owned a small dog, the best book ever written has been written by Darlene Arden. -Martha Smith, Providence Journal Bulletin

At last, we have a book devoted to toy dogs written by an authority on toy dog care. . . this book would be a worthwhile addition to any dog fancier's library. -Glenna Fierheller, Dogs in Canada

Darlene Arden's new book The Irrepressible Toy Dog demonstrates that small dogs can be well-adjusted bundles of joy in the hands of knowledgeable owners. -Rosemary Herbert, The Boston Herald

If you're a toy-breed owner, future purchaser, or fan, you'll want to add Darlene Arden's The Irrepressible Toy Dog to your library. . . it serves up an unvarnished portrayal of owner responsibilities and a candid vignette of an under appreciated class of dogs. -Ranny Green, The Seattle Times

Arden does an impressive job sniffing out facts peculiar to small dogs, from housebreaking to house manners. -Steve Dale, "My Pet World," The Chicago Tribune

Arden's breezy, unassuming portrait of the Rodney Dangerfields of dogdom captures everything from their blue-collar feistiness to their charming insouciance. -Ranny Green, The Seattle Times

A fascinating, comprehensive book about the care and nurturing of small dogs by an author who argues successfully that the needs of toy dogs are vastly different from those of their bigger counterparts. -Betty Harrison, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The all-in-one resource for cat owners

Do you consider cats valued members of the family? Do you want to ensure you're giving your beloved feline friend the very best possible care? Then this all-in-one, comprehensive cat care guide is for you!

From grooming to litter box issues to nutrition and much more, The Complete Cat's Meow covers all the bases to raising and caring for kitties. It also shows you how to introduce a new kitten to other pets, handle behavioral problems, and make life comfortable for cats of all ages.

  • Covers everything cat owners need to know about health, nutrition, behavior, and training
  • Compelling photos of a wide variety of breeds
  • Other titles by Arden: The Irrepressible Toy Dog; Small Dogs, Big Hearts

Whether you're a veteran cat owner or thinking about adding a feline to your family, The Complete Cat's Meow is your one-stop guide to comprehensive cat care.

by Darlene Arden (Author), Nick Mays (Author)
Cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians, beloved by the witches of Salem - and now find themselves celebrated in this delightful tribute. Sashaying in front of our photographer's lens are 40 of the world'd most remarkable and best-loved breeds, from the Bengal to the Birman, the Rex to the Ragamuffin. Each of the stunning portraits of these prize-winning felines is accompanied by a description of the breed, and a succinct introduction charts the history of the cat, from animal worship to prize-winning glamour puss.


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