Cat Articles By Darlene Arden

Darlene is an internationally recognized authority on general health and welfare issues regarding felines.
Darlene is the former director of Cat Writers' Association(CWA) and has written articles and columns for all of the major cat publications. Darlene is a frequent guest on radio and television programs on the subject of cats and animal welfare.
Darlene's newest family addition, GP Sinaye's Plaisir d'Amour of Ajolie ("Aimee"). Photograph by Helmi.

. Surprising Cat Facts - 10 Things You Don't Know About Your Favorite Feline
Here are 10 things that your favorite feline may not have gotten around to sharing with you.

. The Simon Teakettle Virtual Musical Society Page
Aimee is in the Purring Chorus!

. Pet-Safe Holiday Parties
How do you keep your pet safe during the festivities?

The lovely Betty - Photo by her owner, Brian Wiggin.

Is Indoor or Outdoor Best?
What every cat owner should know before deciding if their cat is to be allowed outdoors.

. Early Spay / Neuter
Want to know if neutering your cat or dog early is safe?

. Unleaded Cats
Is your cat susceptible to lead poisoning?

Shotoku The Eyes Have It, Ikey to his friends, is a Tonkinese. Bred, owned and loved by Joan Bernstein (

. Lasers Lead Surgery to the Cutting Edge
Laser surgery is a boon to veterinary medicine.

. Celebrities' Cats: Joan Embery
Joan Embery discusses a portion of her menagerie: her cats.

. Cat Grooming
Everything you were afraid to ask

Terzo is teaching his human to play scrabble, while cleverly spelling out the name of one of her books! His human's name is Bobbi Florio Graham. She took the photo - and her web site is here.

. 40 Tricks To Train Your Human
Your Cat Has More Power Than You Realize.

This is the lovely Alana, taking her ease (l) and playing with her ball (r).
Photos by her owner, Claire Clayton


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